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When you choose Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, you'll find a comprehensive, individualized approach to rehabilitation in an outpatient setting. Our dynamic team of therapists combines years of experience to provide high quality, cost effective care to help people regain independence lost to disease, injury, trauma, or surgery.

We do this by designing a customized treatment plan that addresses each patient's specific needs. These programs are designed to enable the patients to restore mobility and increase strength, as well as decrease pain and/or swelling as they return to health.

A prescription from a physician is required to schedule an initial consultation to structure a customized program. You can choose the convenience and caring of Eastern Shore Physical Therapy by asking your doctor for a referral. Simply contact any one of our three locations.

So that all parties may be served, every effort will be made to accommodate various schedules. Please let us know of any time or scheduling challenges and we will attempt to arrange other appointment times as needed.

Out of courtesy to others, we ask patients to notify us if they are going to be late or if they are unable to attend a scheduled appointment. Individuals who are more than 15 minutes late may require rescheduling.

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